Mike Guindon
Director Retail, Unilever Canada

"Lisa, I wanted to circle back to thank you for doing such a terrific job for us at our National Conference. You nailed it! I can’t tell you how many folks approached me over the 4 day Conference to express their enthusiasm for your key messages. Your energy and passion are contagious and you inspired everyone. Thank you so much. PS: If you would like a reference for future engagements, let me know. Unilever would be very happy to step up on your behalf "

John Russell
President Triathlon New Brunswick

"For the second year in a row, I get the pleasure of writing to express how thankful we are at TriNB to have had you attend our banquet. We've been getting so much positive feedback since the event and wanted you to know how your message impacted our membership. The fact you had to come up with a new presentation obviously was a happy coincidence as now you have two killer presentations to pick from! "


"I saw you speak at the MultiSport expo in Boston. Your speech was truly inspirational. I love how it was organized around things you say to yourself during races. I ran my first half-marathon the day after I heard you speak. With an inflamed IT band and a raging case of strep throat, I wasn't sure I would make it through the race. But I just kept telling myself to Finish What I Started."

Jon Jon

"From a training camp in Philippines - It was a privilege for us to meet, train and race with so many professional triathletes last week. All of you are amazing in your own ways, and we are all very star-struck. However, of all the people I met, you are the most remarkable. It is a rare gift meeting someone with so many gifts. Your physical attributes are obvious, but your attitude, your intelligence, and your eloquence set you apart in your field. "

West Point

"After meeting Lisa Bentley during Spring Break I really was inspired. She is such an amazing women. She is so accomplished and still remains humble. It was such an honor for all of us to able to meet her and then go along on a bike ride with her. I'm sure she is constantly busy but she took time out of her crazy schedule for us. It was so awesome that she came over for dinner and let us pick her brain about her career thus far. The passion she shows for Triathlon really encouraged me to want to become a better triathlete (her worst area is swimming and so is mine!)."


"Lisa, it is not often I have the opportunity to meet someone with your energy, fantastic outlook on life and true love for sport, not to mention , a World Champion!! You are a true inspiration and I appreciate all your training tips. Dave, it was a pleasure meeting you and getting tips from a different perspective, you two make a great motivating and inspirational team, thank-you! I look forward to seeing you all at the GWN in a month! Safe travels. "


"I attended your speech last weekend in Boston - it was fabulous!! Hadn't been to something like that in awhile and it really got me thinking about a lot of athletic and life related things. I'm not sure if you can do this, but I was wondering if you could email me the key points/phrases that you used during the speech (I think they were on slides?) - didn't know if there was some sort of copyright issue. I didn't have a pen and paper with me to write them down. "

Rob Wight
CEO Channel Intelligence

"It was a pleasure having you at our events and getting to know you. I've already compiled the seminar evaluations from DC and you received the highest marks of any speaker for overall value of your talk with a score of 4.7 on a scale of 1 to 5 ('5' being "extremely valuable"). "

Major Tyson Voelkel
Instructor, United States Military Academy

"My name is Major Tyson Voelkel. I am an instructor in leadership at the United States Military Academy at West Point. One of my star students Randy Wintermantel has not stopped raving about the impact you made on her during the training in Florida two weeks ago.I just wanted to thank you for putting that spark in her. She is really inspired because of your example."

Dr. Judit Zubovits

"Lisa's camp was simply the best investment I made in my preparation for IMC. She provided invaluable advice on all aspects of Ironman training – both generally and specifically related to IMC. Sport by sport, Lisa reviewed her approach in both training and racing the actual course. The supported ride and run was a great opportunity to experience the course as it will be on race day."