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LBT offers two opportunities for coaching – coach Lisa and coach Dave. Lisa and Dave work together to create your program and advise you on all levels – physical, nutritional and mental. LBT athletes have two people who combine to offer their experience from over 40 years in triathlon and who together will share in your coaching.

Lisa and Dave limit the number of athletes they coach a maximum of 15 athletes each. Athletes can expect customized programming tailored to their lives and focused on accomplishing a balance between life and sport.

Lisa and Dave address 3 aspects of coaching – the physical, the nutritional and the mental. Athletes are trained physically to handle the demands of IRONMAN, IRONMAN 70.3, Olympic and Sprint distance by training all of the energy systems needed for success. Nutritional expertise is shared and practiced and perfected in training. Mental training is a constant theme in every workout and pre-race preparation. It empowers athletes to maximize their potential by learning how to focus on process, focus on positives and problem solve their way to find success.

Lisa and Dave are both qualified teachers and apply their innate teaching ability to sport and coaching. Your experience will be personal since both Lisa and Dave will coach a maximum of 15 athletes. As part of team LBT, you will enjoy:

  • Initial consultation with Lisa and Dave which includes planning races, goal setting, strategic planning and answering any questions.
  • One day of swimming, biking and running feedback as part of the initial consultation
  • Race uniform and training uniform – tri shorts, singlet, t-shirt, cycling shorts, cycling jersey and cycling jacket
  • We will anticipate your needs. As athletes we know where you will struggle. We will know what you are doing and will be checking up on you often. You will not be alone in your goal journey.
  • Feedback is encouraged so unlimited emails are appreciated and our responses will be timely.
  • Mental and nutritional preparation for training sessions and races. We will practice both in training and perfect it in racing.
  • Analysis and feedback on all training, nutrition and mental conditioning.
  • Completely customized training suited to your goals, needs and time availability. We will modify your training according to injury prevention or maintenance and according to work and life conflicts.
  • Phone calls as needed.
  • Group training sessions – usually twice per month from May to November.
  • All LBT camps at 50% off
  • Email for more information.

If you are not coached by Lisa Bentley or David Cracknell, other consultation is available as follows:

  • $150 per hour for consultation. Consultations can include mental and nutritional preparation for your upcoming event, training advice and feedback, sponsorship and marketing.
  • $300-$500 for a day of coaching with Lisa and Dave.
  • Build a mini-group training camp with Lisa and Dave. Please email to discuss your needs and we will design a camp suited to your needs and your environment.