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Clermont, Florida

Private camps available.
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Let us help you perform at your best for your upcoming season.

Lisa Bentley and Dave Cracknell are available for private camps for a “quick hit” of motivation and fitness. It is your custom day - swim technique and video analysis, bike technique, threshold test, run technique and instruction and good old fashioned swim, bike and run endurance work. Your mini-boot camp can include strength training, injury prevention, sports nutrition assessment and consultation and mental training. Price varies according to number of hours each day. Winter location (January to April 30th is Clermont, Florida with an outdoor 50 m pool, hilly riding and running.

You want to perform at your best. Bring your goals and we will jump start your training and your season.

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Current private camps (in Florida) are scheduled for January 21/22; February 9-11; February 21-27th; March 13th-17th; March 18-21st; March 28th to April 1st

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