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Having been an athlete for more than half of my life, the most important fact about coaching and being coached is that coaching is more than just receiving and executing a program of scheduled training sessions. Coaching is communication, information, inspiration and motivation. That is the key to Live Breathe Tri and Lisa Bentley Triathlon.

LBT offers two opportunities for coaching – coach Lisa and coach Dave. Lisa and Dave work together to create your program and advise you on all levels – physical, nutritional and mental. LBT athletes have two people who combine to offer their experience from over 40 years in triathlon and who together will share in your coaching.

Lisa and Dave limit the number of athletes they coach a maximum of 15 athletes each. Athletes can expect customized programming tailored to their lives and focused on accomplishing a balance between life and sport.

Lisa and Dave address 3 aspects of coaching – the physical, the nutritional and the mental. Athletes are trained physically to handle the demands of IRONMAN, IRONMAN 70.3, Olympic and Sprint distance by training all of the energy systems needed for success. Nutritional expertise is shared and practiced and perfected in training. Mental training is a constant theme in every workout and pre-race preparation. It empowers athletes to maximize their potential by learning how to focus on process, focus on positives and problem solve their way to find success.