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Coach: David Cracknell

Sport has been my life since I was a young boy trying to tune my radio to catch Bobby Orr playing hockey. I have been an athlete and a coach in triathlon since the 1990′s.

I have an education degree and I am a qualified physical education teacher specializing in exercise physiology. My racing experience dates back to 1990 when I represented Canada at the 1990 Commonwealth Games. I have grown and developed with triathlon for the past 20 years first as an athlete, then as a teacher and now as a coach. I competed in two Ironman events and qualified for the Hawaii Ironman each time with a personal best of 10:16 in Kona and a marathon best of 3:15 in Ironman New Zealand. I represented Canada at a variety of ITU World Championships including the recent 2006 World Championships. I coached my secondary school triathlon team in New Zealand to three National Championships and mentored several of New Zealand’s youth to both ITU World Cup Teams and the Olympic Games. I have seen our sport in the days before aero bars and Power Bars and I like to think that I bring that easy going attitude to my approach to athletic development. I found success in our sport back when everyone was still learning how to swim, bike and run in succession and all in one day! That experience is priceless. And when you add that to my teaching degree and my passion for sport and health, it rounds out my role as your motivator and educator. Your plan will be completely personalized based on your weekly feedback and will be tailored to best suit your life and increasing fitness. This is not a regurgitated program done months in advance from a database of workouts. The workouts are suited to your individual development and where you are with respect to your goals. Communication between athlete and coach is paramount and a key ingredient to our successful partnership. I am available to speak with you whenever required. I will be your partner in your goals and I will be as eager for you to accomplish them as you will be.



Lisa Bentley | David Cracknell


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